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Help/Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get a message saying I am not allowed to watch in the UK?

Due to League rules, live games are only allowed for viewers outside the UK and Ireland, this is clear on all our advertising and as such if you subscribe from the UK and can't watch the game we will not issue you a refund

What is Dundee FC Live Player?

Bringing you all the latest action from Dundee FC via our live stream on a top-class, easy-to- use website.

The quality of the video you will watch will depend on your internet connection. Dundee FC Live player will constantly provide the best quality for video that can be streamed to your computer.

How do I get access to Dundee FC Live Player?

Please register with your email address above, you will then be redirected to make £5 payment which gives you access to the Live Game, each time you would like to view a game on matchday please repeat this process.

Please Note: You should sign up on the day of the game ahead of Kick Off - Broadcasting usually starts at least 1hr before the game.

Who do I contact if need support on Dundee FC Live Player?

We would recommend if you are having issues with the stream, please where possible, try viewing using an alternative browser.

If you have a technical problem with Dundee FC Live Player then please email live@dundeefc.co.uk.